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CVS Caremark RX Reviews

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  • CVS Denial Letter

    I have been diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease, and I had bariatric surgery about 11 years ago. Omeprazole is needed by GERD and bariatric patients. If my doctor prescribes this medication shouldn't it be covered? My doctor is very careful about not prescribing anything that is not needed by her patients. I changed jobs last month and my insurance changed too. I was covered by OptumRX for this medication for over ten years, but it is not covered by CVS. What gives? More...
    PotatoBug's Picture   PotatoBug    0 Comments   Comments
  • CVS Caremark - Mail Order Medicine

    CVS Caremark mail order service is a terrible excuse for a pharmacy. I would never ever use them by will. However, the drug coverage plan through work makes it mandatory that is the only way to collect any maintenance medicine. They use the cheapest, poor quality generic medicine that is produced in India. If there is an issue, they are not willing to assist you in resolving matters in a professional, efficient manner. They are suppose to offer a discount for certain coupling of medicine that I use, I even confirmed this with two of their agents. When the medicine arrived with the... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
  • horrible comunication

    At first they had my RX shipped to the wrong address. Then reshipped it and I ended up with 2 packages and ended up refusing one. They told me the only way not to get charged is to sign some form which they never mailed to me. Then Walgreens denied my ID card because of their issues again. Then I get a notice from UPS about the package they sent me and they can't find it in their system. What a broken down system this is. Express Scripts was much better. More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
  • CVS CAremark Consumer Complaint UPDATE

    I am updating my review from yesterday (11/19/14), and since not many people are apt to writing good reviews, I'd thought I'd post. Unfortunately, my resolution seemed to come only AFTER bad mouthing the company through social media- in which case I received a response to talk to a manager. In the end, they are offering me a free week supply to hold over until my meds arrive in the mail. My doctor's office had a lot to do with this, as they were only going to give me a 4 day supply at first, which I'd have to pay! With my company rep, myself and my dr's office... More...
    weezer22's Picture   weezer22    0 Comments   Comments
  • Mail order RX

    I do not recommend CVS caremark mail order prescription service. I also do not understand how they make decisions when to cover/when not to cover. For example, I recently sent in a prescription. Apparently, it is not covered by my insurance for 3 more days. In my calculations, this is a week after I am scheduled to run out of my medication. However, instead of holding onto the prescription- they claim they sent it back to me yesterday (a sunday). Now, CVS caremark takes 10 days to process/fill prescriptions... why would they send it back instead of just filling it in 3 days. And why... More...
    Katie411's Picture   Katie411    0 Comments   Comments
  • If your Poor and Disabled Please Die

    My daughter Meredith Kirt has CVID, is 29 , has a 2 and 5 year old and cannot leave her home because she has been hospitalized 2 of the last 4 months with oppurtunistics infections. Meredith is totally disabled and homebound and needs subcutaneous treatment for her desease just to survive, Medicare has approved and her Dr. is wondering why that treatment has not started and the answer is Caremark is refusing her the drug because she does not have the 20% co-pay. So a 12 time all American that went to the Olympic trials and has 150 IQ and is a lovely mother will die because she is poor and... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    mswrocha's Picture   mswrocha    0 Comments   Comments
  • Useless, may as well be on Medicaid

    Love finding out that they will no longer help pay for my son's rescue inhaler (which we fill once a year!) xopenex. "Oh it's no longer on the formulary..." Uh, hey that is great what can you offer me instead that is equal to the xopenex? "Oh nothing...duh..." I love dealing with idiot corporations who obviously have never had to give their child albuterol and then scrape them off the ceiling for the rest of the night! If there is no equal substitution then how can you justify making it "non-formulary". Ugh, would be off on government... More...
    angrynurse's Picture   angrynurse    0 Comments   Comments
  • CVS Caremark RX resolution policy

    Recently CVS Caremark mail order prescription service sent me a courtesy notice summarizing my prescriptions and suggesting that I order a 90-supply of one of the prescriptions in order to save money. Great idea. I have been using CVS Caremark's mail order service for about one year, and Caremark's customer service has been excellent. However, I do have a complaint regarding an incident in which my doctor sent Caremark a 90-day prescription, but mistakenly wrote the order for only a 30-day supply, in my particular case, one box of 100 glucose test strips. A 90-day supply is more... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    Kapellmeister's Picture   Kapellmeister    0 Comments   Comments
  • Deal with CVS Caremark RX at your peril

    Deal with CVS Caremark at your peril. I'm on Medicare and switched to Healthnet Orange which uses CVS Caremark as their mailorder prescription arm.I placed my first medication prescription with them. It is an expensive prescription (several hundred dollar copay). The doctor's office made a mistake and prescibed half the dosage for 90 days. When it arrived I discovered the error and called CVS. They informed me that the doctor's office would have to call in and correct it and there would not be a second copay. What followed next involved about 5 hours of my time, a... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    lenquest's Picture   lenquest    0 Comments   Comments

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